Dang it, Brene’!

Brene’ Brown is my BFF. She doesn’t know me – except that she must know everything about me, based on how insightful her writing is – and on a pretty regular basis, I’m tempted to drive across town, find her on the campus of U of H (cause I live in Houston, too) and hug her.

Today, though, her words just made me audibly groan. I’m taking the Courage Works parenting course online and these are the words that came out of her mouth and hit me hard.

“Be the adult you want your kids to grow up to be.”

In an effort, however, to not SHAME myself and beat myself up over all the things I’m not, I want to go about this in the most healthy, life-giving way possible.  Because the things that I want my girls to grow up to be are really not the things I beat myself up over. Which should be an indication that I’m focusing on the wrong things for myself.

What I want my kids to grow up to be:


And so I declare that these will be my words and my goals. Certainly there is more to becoming these things than simply declaring them, but it’s a start.

How can I gain confidence? How can I become more kind? What new things can I try? How can I gain wisdom?  Where am I cynical and need an attitude adjustment?  In what areas can I focus on building strength?

Because I know that I want these things for my girls – and they will learn them from what they see in me.



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