Soul Food . . .

Right now I’m in Connecticut – on the campus of a boarding school the likes of Hogwarts – on top of a mountain (kind of).  It’s absolutely breathtaking.

But the most beautiful thing I’ve seen on this trip is my friend Tonia and her sweet family.

We joke that we are “soul mates” and have joked about it for years.  But with 5 years in between visits, it was very clear that when we are sitting across the table from each other, it’s just right.  Whatever else you want to call it is fine, but it’s simply right. She feeds my soul.

Sometimes we’re lucky enough to have situations in life that just feel right.  No other way to describe it. Whether it’s a person to love or a job or just a decision.  Sometimes it’s just right.  

Sometimes things are just . . . well . . . wrong.

But I think we tend to live most of our lives in between.  In the middle.  Sometimes stuck.  Many times waiting for clarity for the next step.  Perhaps so fearful of stepping into wrong that we don’t  step into the right.

I’m 38 years old and there is a LOT of right in my life.  Can’t think of anything that’s really wrong in my life.  But honestly there is a lot of in between.  

After sitting with my friend I realized something, though.  The more I feed my soul with people who encourage me, feed my soul with the things that I put into my heart and mind, and feed my soul with taking time to breathe, think, create, dream . . . well, more clarity comes.  Less deliberating, more direction.  Less limbo, more liberation.  

So, my question to you is . . . what is your soul food?

What speaks life into your mundane?  What gives you courage?  What unleashes your imagination?  What calls you to action, change, movement? 

Whatever it is, I hope you pay attention to it.  Feed your soul with it.  And find that you are “right” where you are supposed to be  . . . or at least on your way.


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