On the market . . .

As of tonight, our house will officially be on the market.

I’m happy.  I’m sad.  Wait, I’m happy.  Wait, no, not so much.

Mixed emotions here, I suppose.

There are many things about this move that I am already grieving.  So many of my friends are here in Nashville – and I have loved that our kids have spent the last 4 years together.  I actually really like my job here – and though I’m hoping that I will not have to work full-time in Houston, I have really enjoyed doing the work I have done.  Family is not too far away from here.  And Disney World is 4 hours closer to Nashville than it is to Houston.  We love our church.  We love that we randomly run into people here that we haven’t seen in years – because, well, it’s Nashville.  It’s kind of like a big hometown.  I’m also sad that our girls will be leaving their best friends.  That’s the hardest part of all.

But, I’m excited for a new adventure.  I’m excited to be in a place where Gerron can serve full-time in the church.  I’m excited for the chance to live in Texas – we’ve always talked about living there.  I’m excited for milder winters.  I’m excited to take the kids to some really cool places.  I’m excited to live near some friends that we love dearly.

So many unknowns.

We’re just taking it a step at a time.

Now that the house is on the market, we thought that the only thing left to do was . . . go to DISNEY!  We just looked at each other the other day and said, “let’s just go.”  And so we booked the hotel and here we go!

Interestingly enough (not that it will happen this time) – the past two houses we have sold have sold while we were at Disney World.  Who knows . . . maybe it’ll be our good luck charm again.

Or, should we say, maybe we’ll experience some Disney magic.



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