Cleaning house . . .

Yesterday was cleaning day.  And boy, was that discouraging.

I am probably the most disorganized person on the planet, and cleaning my house yesterday helped solidify that fact.  I mean, you would think that with the number of times we’ve moved we would have purged some things at some point.

The closet.  Oh dear heavens.  The closet.

It seemed like every few inches of cleaning brought another box of stuff we had just thrown stuff in – postcards, theater programs (we saw Tom Cavanaugh from Ed in Urinetown when we lived in NY), cell phone chargers from many phones, mixed tapes from college, old checkbooks from before we were married (um, we’ve been married for 12 years), receipts from Starbucks – from 5 years ago, etc.  This is not because we are hoarders and feel like we NEED these things.  It’s because we are extraordinarily lazy.

The number of bags taken to either Goodwill or the trashcan out of just the closet – well, it’s just so hard to believe that we have anything left in there.

I will say, though, that the act of going through those things and throwing them away felt good.  Freeing.

It made me want to throw everything away.  And I just might because right now the upstairs of our home is so peaceful.  So much of the clutter is gone.

We have a lot to do still.  And I’ll post photos soon.  We’re praying that the right buyer will come along sooner than later and that we will all be able to be together in Houston soon.


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