Another journey begins . . .

Several months ago, my sweet husband was laid off.  After the initial disappointment and fear, we chose to see it as an opportunity.

Since we have been married, he has moved all over creation to help me pursue my dreams.  He has uprooted himself, even when he wasn’t terribly excited about it, and put his dreams on hold.  You see, he has always dreamed of being in full-time ministry.

Granted, we have been able to experience some of the BEST churches on the planet because we were willing to be bi-vocational.  Had he not been bi-vocational, we wouldn’t be able to currently be at Blakemore Nazarene – one of the most wonderful churches we’ve ever experienced.

But the dream of being able to do what he loves full-time has always been like a tag in the back of your shirt – not terribly annoying, but enough to make you itch.

I have to be honest – I’ve probably been the one holding him back from it in more ways than one.  You see, I am very protective of him.  And I know that many good-intentioned church people are some of the most opinionated and mean folks out there.  So I’ve hesitated and stalled and let fear get the better of me.

Well,  back to the present day.

Gerron was laid off.  And we just decided that if he was going to look for a job, he might as well pursue the dream.  We committed to pursuing ministry full-time.

No kidding, in the first couple of weeks after we made that decision, six churches called.  Maybe more.  After a while we just started laughing about it because nobody had been calling prior to that.

After a series of interviews and church visits – a lot of prayer and thinking – a lot of being completely overwhelmed – he accepted a position.

Um, yeah . . . in HOUSTON!

So, over the next few months we will be moving our family to a new city.  A LOT further away from family than we thought we’d ever move.  A LOT further away from Disney World than we ever thought we’d live (yes, this was a factor).  And into a position that my worship-pastor husband probably didn’t think he would ever take.

He’s going to be a Children’s Pastor.  And we’re very excited about it.

I am going to try to blog about our crazy experience over these months – so stay tuned.  We’re going to have to sell our house in the middle of the time when our oldest is starting Kindergarten.  He will move on ahead of us while we try to sell and get somewhat settled down there.  I’ll continue to work and keep the girls with me.  We have to FIND a place to live down there, possibly with me being here.  We’re going to have to say more goodbyes than we’d ever like to.  Ugh, and we’re going to have to smell cardboard boxes and packing tape again.

It’s going to be tough.

But it’s going to be worth it.



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