Every year . . .

Around this time each year, I am reminded of miracles.

It might have something to do with Emma’s birthday.  Because there for a while we didn’t know if we’d ever have an Emma or a Henley . ..

So, each year I send a few emails to say “thank you” to wonderful people who helped make our sweet girls a reality.

Connie, a fabulous and caring Nurse Practitioner, was so perplexed after I had a devastating miscarriage that she decided to “probe” a little further to figure out why it happened.  She didn’t have to do that.  She could have easily written it off as just one of those things that happen very often with a first pregnancy.  But she thought I should be referred to Dr. Walmer.  Sure enough, there was a defect in my uterus.  A couple, actually.

Amazingly, Dr. Walmer was able to perform a couple of surgeries that fixed things well enough that I was able to carry pregnancies to term.  Without those surgeries, I would have most likely kept having miscarriages.  Kept being heartbroken.

And then Dr. Ford, the same doctor who was the first to see me after I had the miscarriage, who was so caring and wonderful, was the doctor who stayed past her all night shift to bring Emma into the world.  I had a planned c-section.  And since Duke is a teaching hospital, there were lots of people in the operating room.  Honestly, it was fun.  So many people part of such an amazing moment in our lives.  At one point, though, the room went quiet and Dr. Ford moved in.  The umbilical chord was wrapped 4 times around Emma’s little neck.  Had I labored at all, we could have lost her.

How things all come together still amazes me.  The surgeries on my uterus made the c-section necessary.  Without the c-section, that darn umbilical chord could have caused some real problems.

Perhaps all of that is coincidence.  Whatever they are, I’m just grateful.

Now we have Henley as well.  A surprise pregnancy.  A surprise earlier than planned c-section.  A surprise every single day – cause you just never know with that one.  She, too, a miracle.  My own little miracle worker – the way I found out about the cancer.

Thanks to those who helped bring these sweet girls into our lives!


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