Embrace the moment gracefully . . .

This morning, I was reading one of the news emails that Over the Rhine sends out.  Linford wrote about visiting Japan after the tsunami and how there had been several smaller earthquakes just before they got there.

Here is an excerpt:

He (the tour guide) explained there was really no way to control what was happening – it’s impossible to predict whether it’s safer to stay inside or run outside.

The important thing regardless of events beyond our control was to embrace the moment in front of us gracefully and surrender the rest.

And so, today, as we face the uncertainty of life in the near future – as Gerron is thrown back into the job search – as we think about pursuing dreams rather than the bottom line – these words were a sweet reminder of living in the moment.

It would be easy to worry.  It would be easy to be afraid.  It would be easy to panic over things like our bills and general well-being.  Believe me, we’ve done our fair share of that.  But at the same time, we have a great sense of anticipation for what the future could bring.  Nothing like getting kicked out of your comfort zone to get you thinking about what you had always dreamed about doing.

The questions that now consume us . . . “What if . . . ?” and “Why not . . . ?”

I’m frustrated that this is how we are coming to that place of surrender.  I’m frustrated that we didn’t do some of this sooner.

Which makes me wonder what might be holding you back from really asking these questions.  Because we all used to dream.  Because the stuff of life shouldn’t take those dreams out of our vocabulary.

Today, I’m dreaming.  There’s no way of knowing if it’s safer to stay or to go.  The only thing I can do is embrace the moment in front of me gracefully – and surrender the rest.


One thought on “Embrace the moment gracefully . . .

  1. i love you & am praying for you guys…. you write things so beautifully & bring a sweet reminder to us all – it is truly a gift of your’s – DREAM BIG but not too far away 🙂

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