Wishes and Dreams . . .

It’s official.  She’s two.

Heaven help us.

We began the day at Starbucks.  Both of the girls got their special “coffee” (kid’s vanilla creme) and we drove everyone nuts who were there to have a quiet moment to themselves.  Yeah, that doesn’t happen too much when we’re around.

Then we headed to our favorite park to play.  It was a simply gorgeous day in Nashville – one that we haven’t seen the likes of in a while.  It was good for the body and the soul.

Then we went home and cleaned like mad people.  So we could have a ton of people over to celebrate our sweet girl.  And celebrate we did.

Friends wrote notes on stars for Henley and hung them on the tree.
The water bottles had quotes about wishes and dreams.

Happy birthday to a dream come true.

One thought on “Wishes and Dreams . . .

  1. Tears in my eyes! Wanted so to be there….I am sure everyone had a great time.
    Things look beautiful…..you do such a wonderful job at making parties a fun time…decorations were great. Thanks for sharing the pictures, too. The girls look
    so gorgeous.

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