A “Super Bowl” of Mac & Cheese

I’m no foodie.

I mean, I like a Bobby Flay throwdown as much as the next person, but I would not consider myself a great cook.

When Gerron and I were engaged, my grandmother gave HIM a stack of cookbooks. She said he would need to learn to cook, because I wouldn’t.

Well, Grandma, I just proved you wrong.

And, because I don’t want to forget the macaroni and cheese heaven I just concocted, I’m writing it down.

8 ounces of elbow macaroni – cooked

While it’s cooking, melt two tablespoons of butter in a big pot.  Gradually put in 2 tablespoons of flour, stirring constantly.  Gradually add in 1/2 cup of half and half. Keep stirring.  Gradually add in 1 and 1/2 cups of milk.  I added about a tablespoon of worstershire (I have no idea how to spell that and I’m too lazy to look it up) sauce.  Then I put in about a teaspoon (I’m guessing – it may have been less) of a garlic herb seasoning.  Then added a cup of shredded sharp cheddar cheese.

When the elbows are cooked and drained, put them into the pot and stir it up.

Put it all into an oven safe dish and then put another cup of cheese on top.  Crush up about 6-8 Ritz crackers and sprinkle that on top.

Bake in the oven at 350 for 20 minutes.  The last 5 minutes (or less) turn the oven on a low broil to get the top kinda crusty.

Geez louise.  I didn’t know I was capable.  Seriously, I just ate half the dish.


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