If you were my kid . . .

My girls are still very little. They have not had to deal with any kind of major disappointment in life – save an evening without TV or dessert. The world is whatever they want it to be. And I’d like to keep it like that for a while.

Because, before I know it, something will change all of that.
She won’t make the cheerleading squad, she’ll not score that goal to win the game, she won’t be the star of the show.
That boy won’t pay attention to her, she’ll feel inferior to those other girls, she’ll get zits.
Just. The. Beginning.
Words will hurt her. Life will fail her expectations. There will be days when she’ll say she didn’t sign up for this.
Yes, those days will come. Don’t you know it?
You’ve experienced those days. You might be having one of those days now. Or months. Or years.
To you, let me say, you are not alone.
You are not walking this road by yourself. You are not in isolation. You are not an island.
You are loved by more people than you can imagine.  And this part of the journey will not last forever.
Keep going, because the path that you are on is full of possibilities and adventure and beauty.
If you were my kid, that’s what I would tell you.
But, if you were my kid, you probably wouldn’t listen. But, I’m right. Sometimes moms know things.

2 thoughts on “If you were my kid . . .

  1. Wow. You are a professional blogger. And you are the greatest mom. You are the greatest, period. Thanks for giving the world your words. We all need it…

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