Thank-you-ful . . .

The other day Emma came home from school talking about different things she is thankful for.  She would say, “I’m thankyouful for my toys” or “Mommy, I’m thankyouful for you”.

I gotta say, I think she’s on to something.

Thankful, yes.  But thankyouful . . . that’s better.

Full of thank you’s.  And saying “thank you” means that there is someone to thank.

Thankful seems like more of a state of mind (nothing at all wrong with that).

But thankyouful seems more intentional.

I’m full of thank you’s to my husband who loves me, even though I’m a crazy person most of the time.

Full of thank you’s for my girls who absolutely light up my life.  Emma is a natural encourager.  Henley is a doll – her “funny face” is reason enough to wake up in the morning.

Full of thank you’s for my parents who give absolutely everything they have for everyone else.

Full of thank you’s for my friends who make my days fun and interesting – who will laugh with me and cry with me.

I’m full of thank you’s for my God who continues to supply everything I need, just when I need it.

Yes, my girl is on to something.

It was a good thanksgiving today.  I cooked.  I cooked a turkey, even.  And it turned out really, really well (if I don’t say so myself).  I was so scared that it would be raw in the middle or burnt or really dry.  But it was good!  (I’m thankyouful for my friends who supplied some great instructions).

I missed my family.  A lot.  But it was good to be in our home.  And my new brother-in-law’s mom reminded me of my family somehow.  I think it was her down-home way of talking that I miss desperately.  And we talked about quilting.  Haven’t done that since my grandmother passed away.

It was a good Thanksgiving.

I’m thankyouful.



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