At some point . . .

Life will get hard.

For some, it will get really hard.

I have some friends who got some bad news today.  The leukemia that he has been fighting is back – we thought he had beat it for good.

There are other friends who are very much in a wait and watch way of life right now.  Their little girl has been through many months of treatments to save her from a brain tumor and they are praying that all is well.

A dear friend of mine lost his sister and unborn nephew only a few short years after he lost his dad.

At some point, life will get hard.

For some, life will get really hard.

What is amazing to me is that the people I mentioned are some of the most hope-filled, faith-driven, life-livers that I know.  I think they will all say that it is their faith that has sustained them – the prayers of others that have strengthened them – the hope of more than just today that gives them a sense of peace.

It is equally amazing to me that there are some who have yet to experience anything remotely close to what these folks are experiencing who are so cynical about faith.  Seems to me that it would be the other way around.

But these people – who have experienced gut wrenching disappointment and pain are the ones who quickly realize that life is a gift.  And you can choose what you want to see in life.  And they choose good.

I’m grateful for these people in my life.

At some point, life will get hard.

For some, life will get really hard.

When those times come, I hope we choose to see the good.


One thought on “At some point . . .

  1. yep — i feel like the last 2 years has been that “life gets hard…really hard” phase for me. but i’ve learned so much about God’s provision and grace through it all…wouldn’t trade the unemployment, foreclosure, etc for anything. i’m in such a better place than i was when i was a homeowner with “job security”. and one of these days (sooner than later, hopefully) i’ll be all of those things again…with the added perspective and empathy that these years have brought me.

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