You put your TV in there . . .

Okay, so the TV is still in the living room.  It’s on a table that we’ve been using as an island in the kitchen.  But, this is a temporary fix as we will bring our armoire from our bedroom to put the TV in.  In the meantime, we have a cable cord going from the TV to above the fireplace – and it looks pretty awful, but it’s okay for now.  We want to get a wireless cable TV router.

I think David Letterman digs the new digs.

That’s Lauren thinking, “Why the heck do these people have such a huge remote control?”

And Gerron talking about something absolutely riveting, I’m sure.

On to the “over the fireplace” space.

The “S” thing.

Well, when my office moved over the summer we were getting rid of a lot of junk that we didn’t want to move multiple times.  One item was a hideous looking framed thing about fundraising.

Let’s just say no one was clamoring to have that displayed in their office.

It had a gold mat – and a faded black frame.

I took out the glass,  spray painted the frame black, and spray painted the mat white (who knew you could do such a thing?).  Put in some burlap and glued a wooden S to it (got it at JoAnn’s a long time ago and painted it black).

Now, the window frame is a different story.  We found that thing about 10 years ago at an antique shop for $25.  It was white.  It’s since been painted red, white again, and then black.  It used to have glass in it, but every move we made (New York, NC, TN) was detrimental to at  least one pane of glass.

It is an old window that came out of an old church.  It still has the wooden pegs in it.

I lined it with sage burlap a while back and didn’t know what I wanted to do with it.  It’s been in our bedroom.

This weekend I attached the frame with the S to it because I knew I wanted it to be prominent.  And voila.

I love it.

And it was uber cheap.

Nail gun, can of paint and spray paint.  Happiness abounds.


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