Happy . . .

Gerron is happy.  He purchased this over the weekend:

This makes me happy, too.

Because this is what transpired:

He trimmed out the windows.  We painted the living room.  It’s like our own mini-makeover for the room.

We went from Bungalow Gold:

To Wicker:

And I’m so happy.  I mean, really, really happy.

(So was the girl . . . she was so excited to paint.)

And the ugly spot from above the fireplace that I hate soooo much, has been (and is continuing to be) transformed.


To this:

And all because of a nail gun and a can of paint.

Still a lot of work to do – but we’re getting there!


6 thoughts on “Happy . . .

  1. LOVE IT jen! that color looks great – there’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint too – did you make the S thing? i want one! where did the tv go though?????

  2. Jen,
    I love the wall color and the mantel. So, how difficult was the trim around the windows? I have been wanting to do that in our dining area.

  3. It looks awesome!! I love Emma painting the most. Tell her we’ll remember that the next time we paint at our house. And tell Gerron we have a window that desperately needs some trim….

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