Inspiration . . .

I’m feeling antsy.

Like I need a change.

And if I thought we might actually be able to sell our house in this market, I’d sell it.  And move to a little house in the country.

With a big yard.

I get frustrated with our house.  I don’t love the back yard – we have space but no trees and it’s pretty hot out there in the evenings.  I’m an outside kind of girl and I dream of a backyard where I can lounge and watch the girls and dogs play in the grass.

I like the outside of our house.  I like the style.

But the inside does not match the outside.  It’s a new home so it doesn’t have the sweet character of older homes with the same style.

And we don’t have a ton of money just lying around waiting for us to spend it.

Even if we did, that pile o’ cash would have just been spent on a new alternator and tires.  Oh wait.  That IS where that imaginary pile o’ cash went.  Boo.

We dream of putting up cottage style molding and trim.  We dream of painting the kitchen cabinets and just about every square inch of wall.  We dream of walking in and feeling at home.  Almost three years there and we still don’t really feel at home.

We miss our old house in North Carolina.

And, we’re so stinkin’ tired all the time that we barely even have the energy to dream much anymore.

I need to be inspired.  Not just with my house.  I need something that captures my imagination, heart and mind.  I get excited about a lot of things, but what I need is something more than a fleeting exuberance.

So, I wonder . . . what has captured your imagination?  What inspires you?


2 thoughts on “Inspiration . . .

  1. You, my dear, have been an inspiration…..coming up on one year since the dreaded
    “C” word….here you are….looking beautiful, busy as always….wonderful mother, wife,
    daughter, daughter in law, sister, friend, teacher… are a blessing. God has used you this past year and is using you to make a difference in lives. Thanks for the inspiration you give us….even though we don’t see you that much….You are loved…..

  2. You have a house. You are not delinquent on payments. You have enough room for all in your family.
    Take one room and one project at a time. $25 a month will get you paint for a room (a small one anyway.)
    And keep dreaming. Hang on to the things that inspire you. And one day. One Day things will be different. Better. Incredible.
    I love you!

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