Sweet Henley Jane . . .

My baby is a year old.

Well, now a year and a week old.

And I have noticed in just the past couple of weeks that she really is growing up.  Still no teeth, still not walking, but growing and playing in ways that are surprising me daily.  It has truly gone by so fast.

Maybe it’s because she is the second child.  Maybe it’s because I feel like I have less time with her because my time with her is shared.  Maybe it’s because this past year was so consuming with my own health issues.  Whatever the reason, this is all happening so quickly.

She has a smile that will light up the world.  The cutest little dimples and just the right amount of shyness when someone talks to her.  She is so happy.  Wakes up happy, goes to sleep happy.  And when she sees you for the first time in the morning, you’d think she could leap out of her crib.  I love this kid.  She is fun and playful and sweet.  Everything you would hope for in a little girl.

Maybe I’ve said it before, but I owe this child my life.

This little surprise of ours is the reason I even discovered I had cancer.  Apparently the hormones that went wild during pregnancy are what aggravated the cancer cells causing them to go to my lymph nodes.  Which made that particular node enlarged.  Hence, the discovery.  Who knows how long I would have had that junk in my body.

When I found out I was pregnant, I thought it was bad timing.  I knew it would be difficult financially to have 2 in daycare – to increase our diaper shopping – and everything else that comes with adding to the family.  Little did I know that the timing was perfect.  And this sweet child o’ mine saved me.

And she continues to save me.

I can’t get over this sweet baby girl.  And I know the time will continue to go by too quickly.  And I know I will blink and she’ll be all grown up.  So, I plan to hold her and hug her and let her be a baby for as long as I want!


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