Mr. Potato Head is quite yummy . . .

Today we celebrated Henley’s first birthday with many wonderful friends – and the Mr. Potato Head theme was lots of fun.  Henley was adorable, and was in a great mood.  I think she really enjoyed her first birthday party – she is asleep in her room and is sleeping hard!

My friend, Jenn, came over early with her sweet baby Millie and iced the cake.  When she was done, we put a Mrs. Potato Head on top and tadaaaaa, instant classic birthday cake.  I cooked most of the morning and really had a ball.  We had baked potatoes with lots of toppings such as black beans and chicken, salsa, chili, broccoli and cheese, and some of the basics like butter and sour cream.  We had sweet potatoes with bacon on top (not quite as good as Kay Quick’s, but yummy  nonetheless.  We had mashed potatoes and gravy.  Tater tots.  And potato soup.  Oh, yes, and Pringles potato chips!

The cake was two-tiered with chocolate on the bottom and lemon on top.  It was yummy and I’m now a big fan of making my own icing (well, Jenn made it, and it was good!)

The potato theme was really perfect for such a coooold day (notice the burlap above).   I wanted to do more with it, but just couldn’t pull it off.  Who knows, maybe someone else will run with it.  Here’s what I posted earlier that I wanted to do:

I am also working on my baby’s first birthday party.  Mr. Potato Head theme, I might add.  And let me tell you, I’m having fun with the theme.  It’s the actual follow-through of the details that I worry about.  I told Gerron tonight that I’m incredibly tempted to make t-shirts for all of us.  Henley’s would say, “Tater Tot”, Gerron’s would say, “One Hot Potato”, Emma’s would say, “My dad’s a spud” and, well, I don’t know what mine would say . . . funny enough if I were a drunk or pot-head (which I am neither) there would be lots:  ”Smashed potato”, “Fried Potato”, “Hash”.  At any rate, maybe mine would say, “I dig starches”.  🙂

We had the giant Martha Stewart pom-poms hanging from the ceiling and outside on the porch – and a big paper flower on the mailbox.

Jenn also took pictures for us, which I’m so excited to see.  She’s got a big fancy camera!

All in all, it was a great morning celebrating our sweet Henley Jane who is the joy of our lives.  What a lucky mom I am!

Happy birthday, Henley Jane.  You are a blessing from God and we’re so glad you are in the world!


2 thoughts on “Mr. Potato Head is quite yummy . . .

  1. Thanks for a great time….loved the decorations…the food…fellowship..the delicious cake….and most of all being with Henley, Emma, you and Gerron. You out did yourself. Everything was perfect!!!! We are blessed.
    Happy Birthday, Henley. Grandma and Grandpa

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