God’s people . . .

I’m always amazed when I think about how God uses people to be his hands and feet in the world.  I’ll be honest, if I were him, I wouldn’t entrust that responsibility to the likes of me.

He must shake his head in disappointment in me on a regular basis.

And yet, time and again, he gives me opportunities to show others how much he loves us all.

Entrusting and empowering his people with the task of compassion and love.  It’s a big responsibility.  And I fail miserably usually.

And then I see it happen.  I witness it.  I become a recipient of it.  God shows up in his people – and I am changed and challenged.

People give Christians a bad rap – and rightfully so many times.  Believe me, I’ve been a part of enough dysfunction in the church to know that Christians are FAR from perfect.  However, it goes unnoticed too often how much good the people of God are capable of.

Remember my last post?  The bill?  Let’s just say that God showed up through one of his people.  God provided through someone who was willing to sacrifice.  And the gift she gave was more than a monetary gift – it was the gift of knowing God works through people who will say “yes”.

I have another friend whose husband  is dealing with a possible recurrence of cancer.  It’s scary.  They are overwhelmed with this possibility and how to manage life in the midst of it.  They own several horses – and that responsibility along with what could be was just was too much.  And finding a home for these horses was proving to be next to impossible.  God showed up through one of his people.  A friend and fellow horse guy volunteered to take the horses.

She said yes.  He said yes.

I was changed.  And so was she.

I wonder how many times God has spoken – asked me to be his hands and feet – and I dismissed the request.  I wonder how many times I didn’t say yes.  Wonder how many times saying yes could have been a turning point for someone else.

But you see, these people of God said yes.  They didn’t have to.  They didn’t have to make our problems their responsibility.  And yet, they did.

It’s a lot to process.  It’s a lot to consider.

And I wonder what could happen if we all did that more.  Cared for others enough to do more than say, “I’ll be thinking about you” (not that there is anything wrong with that, because that really does mean so much).  What if we cared enough to take action – BIG action – inconvenient action – expensive action.  What if . . .

What if we all said yes the next time he asked?


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