To be a mom . . .

It’s hard to be a mom.

Not because of all the diapers or runny noses.  Not because of the piles of laundry or the never ending list in your mind of when so and so needs to be fed or how so and so likes her story to be read at night.  Not because of the overwhelming sense of responsibility.

It’s hard to be a mom because loving someone else that much takes every ounce of your sense of control.

Caring that much can hurt.

And so tonight, I’m grateful that my girls are sleeping soundly and peacefully.  Because the thought of them being sick like this is just too much to think about.

Knowing that is why someone else weighs heavily on my heart tonight. 

How difficult it must be to be 8 hours away – when all she wants is to be here.  She can’t change anything – can’t change the prognosis – but I know it must be breaking her heart that she is too far away to hold my hand or rub my back. 

These things like sickness affect so many more than those who are sick.  In fact, it probably affects the others more.  I’m so thankful that my girls are too young to know that anything is going on, but sad that my husband has to walk this road – sad that my parents probably feel helpless from a distance – sad that their lives are affected so deeply by this disease.

But in the same breath, I am so thankful that I have people who love me and want to hold my hand through this process.  I am blessed.

I have a favor to ask.  When you think to pray for me, pray for my family.  And remember to pray for another family that is on a much more difficult journey than we are:


3 thoughts on “To be a mom . . .

  1. Dear Jennifer…

    Patty has been keeping me informed about all that is going on with you. Our church is praying (Jon Green is our pastor). Thanks for taking the time to blog your honest feelings. Please know that I am praying for you and Gerron and those precious little girls. May the God you and I serve wrap you in His peace and strength and comfort.

    With love,
    Roxie Bogart

  2. Thank you so much…YOU are ministering to me in a big way..
    Our prayers are with you and your lovely family….

  3. Jen, I have been thinking a lot about your Mom and Dad as I have prayed about what you’re going through. I know it is hard for them to be so far away. Isn’t it wonderful that they can be right there beside you in prayer, though? I know for sure they’re doing a lot of that!! I wish I could hug all of you!!

    By the way, you ALREADY glow!

    Love you,

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