Price my space – Nursery

The Nester is having a party.  And since I’m so proud of how thrifty I was when I furnished the new baby’s nursery, I thought I’d join in.


I knew I wanted to do Henley’s room in pink and brown.  And that I wanted it to feel a bit “dreamy”.  But, that’s all I knew!  It all just kind of came together – one cheap element at a time.

It all started with the paint.  It was on the “oops” shelf at Home Depot or Lowes.  $5

Crib:  $20 on Craigslist.  I needed some cleaning.

Bedding:  got a set of the bumper and sheets for around $30 on sale at Target.  The sheets I got with it are not on the bed.  The sheet is from Pottery Barn – the chamois sheets that are to die for.  That was a shower gift that we got for Emma’s nursery 3 years ago.  The dust ruffle is a full sized sheet – probably one that I’ve had for umpteen years.  The canopy is just tule from walmart that was $1/yard.  I got 5 yards.

Chandelier:  $3 at a yard sale.  I talked them down from $5.

Pictures:  Craft frames that were around $2/each.  I put scrapbook paper that I already had in them and painted them white.

Lamp:  Got a set of 2 for $10 at Kirklands a few years ago.  Used the lamp bases for a while but always wanted to use the shades.  This was my chance!

Ugly recliner:  I think my brother gave it to us or we may have paid a minimal amount for it around 4 years ago.  It was in Emma’s nursery as well.  There is a sheet on top of it – it’s country blue.  But it’s incredibly comfortable and perfect to sleep in if needed.

The table is one of those $5 tables you can get at Walmart.  I’ve had it in a closet for a few years along with the white table cloth that was probably $5 as well back in the day.  The pink part is a sheet.  Don’t know where I got it.

nursery3Changing table was $40 on Craigslist.  It was bought at a different time and place than the crib – and amazingly it matches! It came with the changing pad and covers.

Shelf:  $3 at a yardsale.

The material hanging from the shelf is something that my grandmother gave me in a box of old vintage fabric that she and my great-grandmother had.  She had started sewing this and then just set it aside.  I have loved it for a long time and this was perfect – especially since Henley was named after these two ladies.

Brown baskets:  $3 each at Walmart.

White baskets:  $5 each at Target.

Stuffed animals:  $5 each at Pottery Barn Kids when they were discontinuing them.  We bought the whole set – including the small ones of all of these!

nursery4Picture:  I painted it on a canvas that came 2 in a pack for $5.  Paint was about $1.50 total.  I had brushes.

Now, if I could only get it that clean again!


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