On Earth as it is in Heaven

When I was in high school, I was lucky enough to go to the prom with one of the nicest guys on the planet.  Over the years, of course, we’ve lost contact but somewhat connected through mutual friends and facebook.

This week, however, all of that has changed.  He and his family have consumed my thoughts and prayers.  He and his wife, Holly, have three gorgeous children.  Their middle child, Kate, is literally changing people’s lives without even knowing it.  By the way, she’s 5.

You see, a week ago they discovered a massive tumor on her brain.

kate mcraeBecause of this child, people are praying. Some for the first time in a long time.  Some for the first time ever.  And it got me thinking as I have been praying for this child almost as much as I have been breathing.

We believe that the Kingdom of God is both now and in the future.  We believe that God is with us.  We believe in the Hope of Jesus.  We BELIEVE these things.  It’s not just a random prayer we’ve been taught.  It’s not just in the creeds we recite.  It’s not just in the scriptures we read. It isn’t “pie in the sky” dreams.  This is real . . . our hope is real.

And so my prayer is that God will choose to show the world why we hope in him.  That he will choose to show his mercy and power through healing Kate here and now.  That God will reveal himself in a mighty way.  And that her LIFE will be a testament of that hope we have.

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