They can’t be babies forever . . .

There’s something a little bittersweet about milestones.  The thought of the girl staying 2 forever, well, that’s not exactly appealing.  However, there are so many great things about her being 2 that it makes me sad to think that one day she won’t pronounce things in such cute ways anymore, or that she won’t find sheer pleasure in the mundane, or that she won’t be able to fit into those adorable little jeans.

We cut her hair.  Yes, my mother freaked out completely – she has a thing about cutting hair.  Which is beyond me because she always cut my hair short when I was a kid.  For some reason, even now if I tell her I cut my hair she’ll say, “No you didn’t!”  So, when I sent her the picture of Emma’s new “do”, apparently she almost started to cry.  I love that I have the kind of relationship with my mom, though, that I can say, “Ma, you really don’t have a say in this matter . . . I’M the mom!”  Still, I’m perplexed by her attachment to hair and the pictures of me as a child with a Mary Lou Retton hairstyle. I would post a picture, but it was not a good hairstyle for me.  Here’s Emma, though.

The Hillbilly Child - before the haircut
The Hillbilly Child - before the haircut
Aw, she's a big girl!
Aw, she's a big girl!

We also moved the girl into her “Biggie Girl Bed” as she calls it.  And she loves it.  It actually belonged to my grandparents and was their first real bedroom set.  It’s old – and lovely.  It has scratches on it and the footboard is broken a bit from where my grandpa sat on it.  The thought of repairing it kind of makes me sad.  It’s just a sweet reminder of him, so I think it might stay broken.  This furniture is the closest thing to an heirloom as I’ll ever have from a grandparent – and I feel really blessed to have received it.

She was saying "tank ooo, tank ooo, tank ooo!"
She was saying"tank ooo, tank ooo, tank ooo!"

The other night she hugged my belly and said, “I wuv ooo baby sisser” – and I melted.  Sometimes she’s all about having another kiddo in the house – other times, not so much.  I’m sure that will be the case for the next, uh, 27 years.

And finally a picture with Poppy in his truck . . .

We get this look a lot.
We get this look a lot.

2 thoughts on “They can’t be babies forever . . .

  1. I LOVE the haircut. SO cute. But definitely makes her look older. Matthew always looks so much older after a haircut. The girls still don’t really have enough hair to “cut” it… I cut their bangs a lot but after 2 years (in a week!) they still don’t really have a lot of hair.

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