Child of mine . . .

Age 2.  The epitome of moodiness.  The absolute cutest age at the same time.  I can’t get over this kid.

One minute it’s “no mommy” and the next it’s “i wuv you, too, mommy”.  She’ll wipe away my kisses and in the next breath she’ll run over and hug and snuggle.  “I want to do it myself, mommy” to “mommy, do it please”.

She is talking up a storm and although I know all parents think their children are genius material, I have to say I’m quite impressed with my kid’s vocab.  She’s a very articulate little girl.  Okay, so maybe I just understand her because I’m her mom.

She’s groovy.  And I’m very excited that we’re adding to the family with another girl!  I was nervous about the chance of a boy – not because I wouldn’t like having a boy, but because it was venturing a little too far into the unknown.  Of course, we’re still venturing there – because every kid is different.

It’s fun to refer to the kids as “the girls” now.  Love it!  Gerron is such a good daddy to Emma and I’m excited to see him with another little girl.

I’ll post ultrasound pictures at some point.  She looks like a power ranger in the pictures – so maybe we’ll wait for the next ultrasound when she’s a bit more chubby.  🙂


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