My hair looks like Ozzy Osborne’s

Okay, so that’s not really what this post is about, but it’s true.

I’m happy to report that all is going well with kiddo #2.  We have an appointment for the 23rd to find out if Emma will have a “baby sisser” or “baby buddah”.  She’s voting for a sister.  Not that any of our votes count.

We’re officially transitioning Emma to a new daycare.  She’s been in a center, but with another on the way (and her current center not providing infant care) we had to start looking for an alternative.  This new place is less expensive, but we’re a little sad to take her out of her current place.  They really have been very intentional about teaching her so much.  She can sing, “God our Father” and “Jesus loves me”.  She can count to thirteen (and then “seventeen, seventeen, seventeen, seventeen.)  She can sing her ABC’s.  And, she’s starting the potty training (yee-haw!).  The new place will be fine, but it’s in a home and I know the educational part won’t be quite as structured.

I’m a bit nervous about the transition.  Not doubtful about the decision, just nervous about how she’ll handle it.  And the parental guilt begins.

Anyway, all is well.  Busy, but good.  Looking forward to cooler weather and hopefully a chance to clean my house.  Here are a couple of pictures:


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