Students are returning to campus – and I couldn’t be more excited! This is one of my favorite weekends of the whole year. Freshmen showing up, not sure what to expect. Returning students squealing and hugging and running like mad to see all their friends. One of my favorite things is when I start to hear students refer to Trevecca as “home”.

I graduated over 10 years ago (amazingly) and no matter where I have gone, this place has been “home”. Not like the house I grew up in. Not the kind of home that I know every creak in the floor and how the screen door sounds when it slams shut. No, it’s the kind of home that has a revolving door. The look of it changes every year, the people who live here change, the people who work here change (though not as often). I can’t put my finger on it, except that I know when students show up, they are going to be changed forever.

The friends they meet will be friends for life.  The professors will challenge them to new world views.  The city will be the source of energy and excitement.  And when they leave this place, it will draw them back.

So, to all the new students, may this be a year that opens new doors and possibilities.  Make the most of it.  It will go by far too quickly.


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