Something Special

Earlier this evening we got a phonecall.  And it was good.

In fact, I “hooped and hollered” and jumped around so much that the dogs joined in.  Pretty dang excited, to say the least.

When we decided to make the move back to Nashville we really just felt like God was pulling us back here for more than just a job.  We felt like we were being sent here in many ways.  We kept saying about the move, “we just want to be part of something special”.

Rewind 9 years.  Gerron and I had just gotten married and moved halfway across the US to Kansas City where I could finish my masters degree.  We set out on a search for a church where we both felt like we could serve and learn and found a church that we thought could fit that bill.  After visiting this church a couple of times, one of the pastors met us for coffee.  We found a kindred spirit that night.  And this church and that pastor completely changed our view of what church could be.  

Two years later we left KC and moved to Nashville.  A couple of years after that we moved to NY.  A year after that we moved to NC.  (I guess you could say we’re not afraid of change)

Several months after we moved to NC we got a call from our pastor friend.  It was time for her to make a change and she was considering furthering her education at Duke (which is where I worked at the time).  And wouldn’t you know it, we ended up serving on staff with her again in NC.  What are the chances of serving twice with such an amazing person?  We didn’t take it for granted.  She came to the hospital the day that Emma was born and prayed for our girl.  She baptized her.  She became more than a pastor, she became family during that time.

And then stuff happened.  And we found ourselves packing up and moving back to Nashvegas.

When we found out we were moving, we told our friend that Nashville needed someone like her.  That if she ever decided to move to Nashville, we would be with her to help her build something special.  We didn’t let up.  Something in our hearts knew that our time with her was not over.

So, you can imagine the excitement when Gerron picked up the phone to hear, “Dude, I’m moving to Nashville!”

More details to come . . . 


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