The Playroom . . . a work in progress

We moved into our house last fall. And I think the only room that is completely done is the downstairs bathroom. As a working mom I have great dreams of making my house a comfy home, but rarely have the time or energy to actually pull that off.

This week, however, the organization bug bit me and I started working on our upstairs loft as a playroom for Emma. It has been that all along, but it never made any sense . . . it didn’t feel right . . . and she didn’t really love playing up there. Since the reorganization of things, she seems to be excited to be in the room.

A friend at church has a room in her house for her girls that really inspired me. Though E’s room isn’t nearly as cute or organized, it’s getting there. Shannon thought through the room like a teacher would and organized it into centers. A “dress up” center; a “kitchen” center, an “art” center, a “reading” center and so on. After seeing that room, I knew I had my work cut out for me.

The playroom is still in progress – still needs to be painted and get some things on the wall other than the stick on wallies. But, I’m pretty excited that her things now have a home.

The reading center . . . she has already started grabbing more books than she ever did before. And then she puts them back! Wow!

Still need actual curtains, but take a look at the ragamuffin garland. Had so much fun putting that together thanks to The Nester. Also, the little sofa solved 2 problems for us. It is actually a futon mattress folded in half with a sheet around it. We can still use the mattress, but can get rid of the ugly futon frame that the dogs chewed up. The back is a body pillow with a sheet wrapped around it and tied at the edges. The bolster pillow is a rolled up towel with fabric around it. Tied with ribbon. It’s just Emma’s size – and it’s actually quite comfy!

This is the art/tea/puzzle area. The buckets hold small toys/puzzle pieces. There is a basket on the floor with paper and crayons. And the back of the bookcase is a perfect place to display her artwork. I think I’d like to get a little rug for this area as well as the main floor area.

This is a bigger picture of the room. Ugh, those white walls are killin’ me. We hope to put wainscoting in this room, but I don’t know that white wainscoting will work with all the white furniture. Maybe green?

Another view. I’m thinking some baskets will help warm up those shelves.

I do have a dress up area in the room but don’t have a great picture of it. Basically put some dress up stuff in a basket and a peg thingy to hang some of the stuff on. After we paint the room and get some rugs, I think it will be a wonderful place for our sweet girl. Now, if we can only finish her bedroom, our office, our bedroom, our bathroom, the living room, the dining room, the guest room, the back patio, the front porch, the kitchen, etc . . . it might start feeling like home.


2 thoughts on “The Playroom . . . a work in progress

  1. your room looks so inviting and like a little girl’s dream!

    I like how the bookshelf protrudes into the room to create a neat little nook.

    I love the garland that you did! If I were to do anything–I’d keep my eyes open for something to use as long panels or drapes eventually to cozy up the space but it looks fantastic exactly how it is!!!

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