The Charmed Life

I’m addicted to a blog by The Nester – she’s having a blog party about imperfect, beautiful things.  I think the most imperfect beautiful thing in my life is my marriage.  I posted this last week – thought it was fitting for the blog party . . .

It is so easy for me and my husband to look at other couples and families and comment that theirs are surely charmed lives. Those people would never stay up all hours of the night fighting – they probably never feel like their world is utter chaos – they eat right, exercise and their kids are dressed just so. Those people also never have to worry about money, are thin, and their houses are always ready for company.

And, those people never get divorced.

This week celebrated 9 years of marriage. Also during this week, I have found out that some friends of ours have separated. And I wonder how it happens.

I think it happens a little at a time. And I think it happens when we think that everyone else must have it all together and we’re the weird ones with the tempers, insecurities and disappointments. I think it can happen to anyone. Even us.

But when I look at my life – my husband – my kid, I start to realize that the charmed life is the authentic life. It’s not an easy life. But I noticed that after an argument we had the other night, we’ve been much more attentive to each other. We’ve laughed more. We’ve loved more. My life is charmed because I CAN be real. I certainly would not prefer the arguments, but I’m thankful that I can trust this man so completely that I know those arguments will not be the end of us. I can trust him to stay. I can trust me to stay. I mean, isn’t that what we promised to do 9 years ago? For better, for worse?

I am married to a man who can make me laugh until I cry. He is quick to say he’s sorry. He forgives my hormonal, emotional, craziness. He wants to be involved in the little things with Emma – like putting her to bed at night and the big things like teaching her to pray. He worries . . . because he cares. He is not arrogant in the least, even when he could be. And he is fun to be around. I make friends because he’s so much fun. That’s cool.

I give him a hard time a lot, but I know I am blessed beyond measure. He is the man for me. And I’m smitten.


11 thoughts on “The Charmed Life

  1. I was just browsing through different blogs and came across this one. Nicely written and some realistic and sensible stuff there. Good luck and have a happy life together!


  2. what a sweet post. And how true it all is. I have stories I could tell about ugly break ups that have happened to family friends. I, too, have a sweetheart that puts up with all my craziness. I should love on him a little more!!! 🙂 thanks for writing this… it definitely makes you stop & think. xoxo, Joanna

  3. Hugs! We have our seventh anniversary at the end of the month and I think your post is very *real* if you know what I mean. Well said!

    ~ Sarah

  4. OMG look at those grins! Too cute! I just celebrated 7yrs of marriage this past January, and I can promise you, theres lots of all night fights, pouting and joint weight gain LOL, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

    Congrats on 9years!

  5. Happy Anniversary! Our 11th was this past weekend, and we paused to realize all that we’ve gone through. Together. That’s what makes the difference. Even if you’re fighting, you’re engaged with each other. It’s when you turn off from one another that trouble sets in, I think. Anyway, great post and congrats!

  6. Yes, yes, and double yes. I’m right there with you. We drive each other crazy sometimes, and yet, there’s something about hanging in there and getting past the fights and the junk. I don’t remember who said it–(Bill Cosby maybe?) but they said something like, when you look at the other person and say, I can’t stand you, and you still hang in there and work on it…THAT’S when the magic happens. You deal with it, you grow up, you put all of yourself into it. If you both can do that, that is when you start to learn what love is about. I’m still growing up some more…

    Great post.

  7. I think a lot of times in all in your perspective. I can get irritated with my husband leaving dirty clothes on the floor and focus on his flaws, or I can choose to dwell on all of his amazing qualities. Then I am so thankful that he is mine!

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