February 4th

Sorry, I’m a bit late this week with getting the texts posted for Sunday.  I’m sure you’ve all been anxiously awaiting the update.  The texts for this week are as follows:


I’ll post some more thoughts later, but wanted to have those handy.  If you were at church on Sunday, the service was different than it normally is (always good to shake things up a bit) and Dana spoke mostly on the Luke passage.  I’d love to get some of your thoughts on the service and find out what was most meaningful to you.

Also, we had the World Feast last night.  It was a moving experience and one that I hope we will all not soon forget.  I hope that you are making it a matter of prayer – and that God is laying something on your heart where you can make a difference for him in this world.  I truly believe if we just pay attention and we’re willing to say “yes” – he’s going to use us in ways we never could have imagined.

Peace to you all –



2 thoughts on “February 4th

  1. The service last Sunday and the Hunger Banquet Wednesday night shared something in common – an experience. They both created the space for us to experience God in unique ways. In the service we were given the opportunity to drop some of our burdens through dropping a rock, contemplate the sacrifice of Christ by holding a nail, write out our stories, etc. At the Hunger Banquet, we took part in a drama where we we able to physically see (on a very small scale) and experience the unjust food distribution in our world. I think that these experiences are really helpful because we can learn a lot experientially. This is why I think Jesus was a genius when he instituted the sacrament of Eucharist. Whenever we take from the body and drink from the cup, we experience Christ. I get chills every time I take communion for this reason.

    Something that I have been thinking about that may be applicable for the class is the idea of experiencing Scripture. How can we experience the Word of God in our everyday lives? How can we create space for the Word to become flesh? Lately I have been trying to make connections between the stories in the Bible and the story of my life. It is amazing to me that when I have been intentional about doing this, I can see the Scripture all around me.

  2. just wanted to say thank you. i feel like the homeless man that i keep running in to at work. he has nothing and is seeking happiness in ways that i do not understand. i have been like that for the past who knows how long, searching for things that are godly, but are not true happiness bringers. only true love brings true happiness. and only true love comes from one source. paul has yet to figure out where true happiness comes from, yet God is opening my eyes daily. may paul’s eyes be opened too.

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